Sacred Seven

What’s it about ?

Fuck if I know. Super-powered teens and mechas fighting against Greek mythology figures in a contemporary high school setting ?


Alma, our high school student protagonist. He goes berserk with his uncontrollable superpowers when under too much stress, which gives him a terrible reputation (the time one of his outburst put 18 classmates in the hospital a few years ago doesn’t help).

Ruri, a very rich girl who seems to know what the frack is going on and his deploying all her resources (including an army of maids and a mechatank-riding butler) into fighting off the baddies. She somehow helps Alma with getting his powers under control, although it does take some time for him to even agree to hear her out. She does flamboyant stuff like buy the whole high-school and instituting herself chairman just to keep an eye on him.

Wakana, Alma’s too-dumb-to-live classmate who can’t quite understand why all her friends are avoiding the glowering brooding guy. Presumably she’s being set up as his love interest.

Our macguffins here are GEMS, which coincidentally enough is exactly what Wakana’s club is studying (and of course Ruri and her butler join it as soon as Alma makes a move towards it). Our Monster Of The Week is a big walking statue with Medusa powers, and it seems to be after those gems. Given that this looks nothing like a team story, I presume the “Sacred Seven” are the rainbow-coloured gems (Alma has Red somehow embedded into him, Ruri possesses Purple, and Yellow is in the museum targeted this episode).

Oh, and Ruri carries around a sentient mask-statue-thing who spends his time making sarcastic comments. It’s that kind of show.

Production Values

Decent, I guess ? You can’t really go wrong with Sunrise animating mechas, but I’m not too fond of the character designs, which feel generic as heck.

The OP has got some pretty good visuals marred by a terrible song. No ED yet.

Overall Impression

Well, this is certainly a thing. You can’t fault this show for lacking enthusiasm, as it tries throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the viewer in an effort to catch attention. There’s something of a tone clash between Alma’s angst and, er, nearly everything else (from Ruri’s maid army to the slapstick between Wakana and her friends), but I think that’s part of the point.

I’m intrigued. It looks very stupid indeed, but it’s got enough energy and charm to look like it could pull it off. I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

via [In which I review] New anime, Summer 2011.

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