Best anime of 2013

2013 was a decent year for anime, although a lot the most note-worthy stuff is somehow divided between 2012 leftovers and Fall shows that aren’t done yet. NoitaminA taking half the year off didn’t help. Still, there was a lot to like here.

Without further ado, my personal favourites of the year :

[1] Puella Magi Madoka Madoka Movie #3 – Rebellion
By far the best anime I’ve watched this year. Not only is it on a completely different level from anything else on a technical level – pure eye-candy from beginning to end – but it also manages to square the circle of justifying its existence despite the original series having a definitive ending already. It could have been empty fanservice (and let’s be honest, most of the movie is), but it’s actually a worthwhile addition to the series.
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This site is a work in progress !

Hello, folks !

I’m Jhiday, and I’ve set up this blog to archive the many anime reviews and other long-term projects I’ve written on and elsewhere.

That’s going to take a while, though, as I still have the following tasks on my TODO list before I’m really comfortable with writing new content here :

  • Archive the Fall 2013 new anime reviews DONE (that was a heavy season…)
  • Archive the bulk of the anime retro reviews DONE
  • Archive the Great Gundam Marathon
  • Add proper tags to the seasonal reviews lacking them (Summer 2011 to Summer 2012) DONE
  • Do something about this unwieldy and bare-bones layout (and maybe add some custom metadata ?)
  • Build (or find) some better category indexes to use instead of the really crap WordPress default ones

Please bear with it, hopefully everything should be ready by next year.