What are Anime Retro Reviews about ?

First, let me explain where I come from.
I’ve been watching anime on and off since early childhood, but I didn’t really jump back heavily into it until 2008. As a result, there are tons of series I’ve vaguely heard about, but never watched. So I’ve been working towards making up for that gap, watching anime at a very quick rate (on average, 20-30 episodes per week – I have a long commute and need the distraction).

Now, I really want to comment on what I’ve watched, but there’s no way I can do a “regular”, episode-by-episode WIW thread. I don’t have the time, nor the wish to go into so much detail. So I will be doing something a bit different : a quick summary of the premise of each show, followed by a retrospective analysis. And hopefully that’ll allow to spark some discussion. (It’s probably going to be a bit similar to salinea’s comics thread, except I’m somewhat less of a newbie to anime than she was to comics at the start.)

There will of course be HEAVY SPOILERS about each series as I cover them. Be forewarned.

In order to make this thread a bit more interactive, I’m going to be very open to suggestions. One of the goals of this, after all, is to broaden my horizons and discover series I’ve barely heard of. Some caveats :
– Please suggest GOOD series. I know there’s some mileage out of eviscerating crap, but I’d like to keep this as pleasant as possible. And there’s always the possibility that I won’t like your favorite series. I have some wide tastes, though, and I’m game for about any type of story.
– Please don’t suggest manga. Anime adaptations of manga are fair game, but I’m not interested in reading manga. That’s not what this thread is about.
– Please don’t suggest anything from 2010 onwards. I’ve been following those last few seasons pretty well, so I’d be really surprised if I missed anything of note.
– I’m going to try and focus on the 00s for now. I’m sure we’ll have time for the 90s (and earlier) later on.
– I prefer short series. 13 or 26 episodes ? Perfect. Series with 50-ish episodes or so are going to need some very convincing arguments to justify me bothering with the time investment. Anything beyond that is probably right out. (This includes any shonen longrunner.)

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