Luck & Logic

(12 episodes)

What’s it about ?

A tie-in to a card game that’s coming out in February.


Monsters are invading the world and through randomly-appearing sky gates and wreaking havoc, so it’s up to special warriors to fight them. Specifically, the few teenagers with enough inborn Logic to be able to contract with the Goddesses and combine with them to fight off the nasties. The mechanics of which sound suspiciously like adaptations of the card game’s rules.

By now, the process is well organized, with prospective fighters being “invited” by a government agency to help out, whether they want it or not. As exemplified by one Yukari.

Half the episode is spent on the local squad of three (leader/pointer/sharpshooter) and their goddesses as they fight off a few critters. Until they get out of their depth and require the involvement of…

Yoshichika, our protagonist, who used to be an elite warrior until he crashed and burned two years ago. While he’s promised his younger sister that he’ll be a good, prudent little NPC now, he’s obviously not over his past career, and still has a bit of a hero complex.

Athena, the Goddess who went to the trouble of finding his long-lost Player Card, and thus allows him to contract with her. Cue ass-kicking, and awkward meeting with the current team. (The higher ups are delighted about his rejoining, of course ; they need the help.)

We have brief snippets of the usual genre clich├ęs : other warriors who seem to work against our heroes, corrupt higher-ups, our two leads having to live in the same room at HQ…

Production Values

Quite nice indeed. The battle sequences look good and fluid, the dayglo aesthetics are nice to the eye, and the whole thing is quite well paced.

Overall Impression

Ah. This is a show that’s perfectly competent at what it’s doing, with more flair than most of its genre… but it offers exactly nothing I’m interested in. Well executed and quite pleasant overall, but there’s literally nothing here to make me come back next week.

But if you have any interest in the genre, do go for it ; it’s a nice example for it.

Source: [In Which I Review] New anime, Winter 2016 – Page 3

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