Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalités

(12ish episodes ?)

What’s it about ?

Adaptation of a heroic-fantasy mobile RPG.


Hiiro, our hero. (That’s some imaginative naming, right here.) Ten years ago Mom and Dad tried to seal away the ancient evil dragon Dagan Zot. It went poorly, the kid got a magic scar out of it (presumably being the only survivor), and the three macguffins of sealing (a sword, an orb and a mirror, of course) got lost. Now a foolhardy teenager, Hiiro has escaped surveillance from the family retainers and is tracking down the items, in an effort to complete his parents’ quest. Which doesn’t prevent him from spending way too much time feuding with street urchins. Anyway, the lord of the city he’s just arrived in has somehow gotten hold of the orb.

Enter Nambuuko, a powerful merchant who apparently can just barge in with his dozens of soldiers and his annoying sidekick, and strongarm the local lord into giving him favourable deals. And also order the execution of an urchin who had tried stealing the orb, somehow.

Hiiro, having somewhat fraternized with the urchins, won’t have any of it. Especially as his bodyguard has just finally caught up with him.

And then, for some reason, the dragon shows up. Wut ?

Production Values

Adequate enough… but wow, those are some rather uninspired character designs everywhere.

What did I think of it ?

There are a few cute jokes here. Hiiro’s parents making a trap for the dragon by disguising Mom as a sacrifice maiden, only to reveal herself as a swordswoman, is a good one. So is Hiiro carrying around a giant scabbard, only to eventually wield a tiny sword.

But the overall plotting is a complete mess, Hiiro is the only character who’s not completely unsufferable, and the world-building is so by-the-numbers that most of the time the writers don’t even bother explaining shit.

I just can’t bring myself to care. Next !

Source: [In Which I Review] New anime, Spring 2016 – Page 3

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