(12ish episodes ?)

What’s it about ?

Original mecha series.


Yukina, our protagonist, is a ordinary high school girl whose plans for the future include, er, going to Mars. (Second choice : Mercury. Third choice : Jupiter.) Well, not with those grades she isn’t, her teacher awkwardly explains.

Mom won’t have any of it ; after all, if she’s an overachiever herself, why wouldn’t her daughter be able to ? (Yukina just looks mortified at this point.) Mom is the head of a UN facility, after all. And, er, still forgetful enough to leave her cell on the teacher’s desk. Cue Yukina bringing a friend with her to her mother’s workplace so she can hand it back (and give her friend a bit of a tour, because we need more clumsy exposition damnit).

I have no clue what they actually do at this UN facility. Utility mecha for construction work ? Sure, why not. Actual battle mecha teams ready to react when a bunch of mysterious unmanned mecha drop in from space ? Seriously, what are they doing here that’d warrant such an attack ? (And it’s not the last one.)

Other mystery : the big black cube they excavated several decades ago, and have kept in a hall once they got bored of studying it. Somehow, once Yukina touches it, it opens and lets out a naked defrosted samurai who can somehow go head-to-toe with the one mecha who got into the room. And calls Yukina “princess”, for some reason.

Production Values

LOL at Yukina’s hands obscuring the samurai’s body, Austin Powers style. Otherwise, it’s average-looking for a PA Works production, although still great with body language.

What did I think of it ?

This is very average indeed. Most of the exposition is awkward (not helped by the terrible fansubs I watched this with, admittedly), Yukina is the only halfway interesting character introduced so far, and the enemy mechas are a bit weaksauce, both in designs and menace.

In a less busy season, I’d give it the benefit of the doubt and let the familiar genre tropes carry it. As it is, it gets one more episode to become more interesting before I drop it.

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