(24 episodes)

What’s it about ?

“Original” show about a teenager being transported to a medieval-fantasy land. That’s never been done before !


Shun, our teenage high school protagonist has one passion : gems (and assorted pretty rocks). That’s all he ever thinks about. Well, that, and being a bit angry at Dad for being so busy at his vaguely futuristic lab that he forgets his own birthday. Hey, what’s that pretty gem in that case near Dad’s desk ? *WHOOSH*

Emilio is the son of the former king of the land of Endora. He learned years ago that the current king had his father killed, has been training for years to achieve his vengeance, and now he ruins it all on a half-baked assassination attempt that fails very predictably. (I’ll note that the “usurper” is surprisingly chill about all this and seems intent on keeping Emilio alive for some reason.)

Shun conveniently pops up right in front of Emilio’s cell, somehow dispatches the guards by summonning a ridiculous sword (the big gimmick of the show, it seems), and then both are off getting out of dodge.

Production Values

Ouch. At best, it looks painfully generic and uninspired. At its worst, we get nonsense like whatever the new king is wielding. Also, the “epic” score probably should be applied more delicately ; a montage of Shun doodling at school or going to the library isn’t quite the most appropriate moment for it to be blaring at full volume.

What did I think of it ?

Well, this is certainly an aggressively bland show indeed. The characters are one-dimensional, the plot is wafer-thin and an excuse for uninspired sword-fights, and every element of the show feels utterly painted-by-numbers.

I just don’t care. Next show, please !

Source: [In Which I Review] New anime, Spring 2016 – Page 2

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