STAR-MYU – High School Star Musical

(12 episodes)

What’s it about ?

Oh, dear. This is a show about a colour-coded boys’ band attending high-school. There’s just no way I can take this seriously, given how the previous show lampooned the genre to hell and back.


Hoshitani is our central protagonist. He’s enrolled into this school because he’s looking for some handsome singer he once saw wearing this uniform, and for some reason hasn’t bothered at all to look into how things work here.

Fortunately, this shy guy called Nayuki is perfectly willing to provide him with tons of helpful exposition. They end up being roommates, of course.

So the idea is that there are “Star” singer groups which are created from a very selective process organized by the most senior and elite Star group. You enter individually, and there’s certainly no guarantee you’ll end up with people you enjoy the company of. Hoshitani certainly has already managed to piss off a couple of them.

Since the Super-Star group are all humourless and stern dudes, I’m pretty sure the bizarre and mismatched group our heroes end up with is the work of one Ootori, who’s been roped in to help the Super-Stars out through a combination of nepotism and plain awesomeness. I like this dude, he’s a fun troll.

Since there’s not a single female character of any significance in sight, I’m guessing this is a boys-only school.

Production Values

Good enough for this kind of thing, and the musical numbers aren’t too bad.

Overall Impression

Yeah, no, sorry, I just can’t judge this fairly. It’s actually quite decent, with enough of a sense of humour about itself to be perfectly watchable despite piling on the clich├ęs. I’ve seen much worse in the same genre. (Shonen Hollywood, I’m looking at you.)

But, well, I’m just not the audience for this kind of thing, and it was unlucky enough that context destroyed any interest I may have had in it. I’ll pass.

Source: [In Which I Review] New anime, Fall 2015 – Page 3

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