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What’s it about ?

Hey, kids ! Dancing is KEWL !


Haneru, our middle-schooler protagonist. One does not simply walk into… wherever he goes ; the little dude just has to do crazy backflips and random wallruns as he moves from place to place. His whole life seems to revolve around dancing, and he has a nice calm spot where he can practice his moves.

Kanon looks like your average top-scoring student (aside from the crazier-than-average hair), but she’s got a secret : she’s really Rhythm, an up-and-coming dancer whose uploaded videos have become viral. She takes care to keep that part of her life closeted, and dances in a discreet little room… which happens to be right in front of Haneru’s own spot. The window are mostly one-way because of the sun’s reflection, so usually she can see him but he can’t… except for today, when the jig is up.

I’m pretty sure the old dude who loans the place out set them up ; at the very least, he makes sure to chaperone them from afar until he’s made sure all goes fine between the two. And they do quickly hit it off ; they’ve both admirative of each other’s moves. Wanna team up ?

Each of them has hints of a supporting cast, and the ED sequence showcases a “rival” team that’s bound to show up soon.

Production Values

Bright and shiny, with very cartoony character designs. The dance moves are certainly well-animated, with a relatively smooth shift to full-CG animation. (This is the studio that produced Love Live!, after all.) On the other hand, it’s slightly worrying to see so much noticeable animation recycling already.

Overall Impression

Well, this is relatively fun and good-looking. It’s got energy and style, you gotta give it that.

… On the other hand, it’s also very slight in content : the extensive dancing sequences sometimes feel a bit like they’re padding the episode out. Sure, they’re the main attraction, but they look like they’re going to quickly become a bit repetitive. The recycled animation doesn’t help dispel that impression either.

I don’t know. I’m giving it another episode, but I fear I’m going to get tired of it soon. Which is a shame, as this is a perfectly fun and competent kids’ show.

via [In Which I Review] New anime, Fall 2014.

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