Kill Me Baby

(12-ish episodes)

What’s it about ?

Adaptation of a 4-panel gag manga about a hitgirl’s high school life.


Sonya, the Russian hitgirl. Extremely skilled in various ways of hurting people. She tries to mask it as “normal” paranoia, but she’s a bit of a scaredy cat.

Yasuna, Sonya’s too-dumb-to-live best friend. More accurately, she’s obviously playing up her stupidity to troll Sonya, though she really should have learned by now not to tap her on the shoulder.

Agiri, Sonya’s ninja rival. Has a tendancy to call anything a ninja technique (e.g., the “my hair’s not falling down despite my standing upside down on the ceiling (and neither is my skirt)” ninja technique). She’s a very effective troll. Also, while Sonya’s abilities are mostly plausible in a “waif fu” way, what Agiri can do just staggers disbelief.

There are other supernatural elements teased – mostly some saucer-type aliens prominently shown in the OP.

Production Values

Well, it plainly shows that JC Staff is animating 5 others shows this season, as this one is obviously operating on a shoe-string budget. The character designs are crude, and the whole thing is barely animated.

The OP is a strong contender for the most irritating of the season. The tune just doesn’t work. (The ED’s more to my tastes.)

Overall Impression

Well, the good news is that this show does seem to have more than one joke, which is essential for a regular-length comedy show. And the main characters do seem to have a little depth behind the fa├žade (well, aside from Agiri, but that’s the joke). This goes a long way towards making the show watchable.

Is it actually funny ? Er, let’s not get carried away. I did get some chuckles out of it, but as not consistently enough as I’d like. As it stands, I’m considering dropping it soon if it doesn’t improve and better shows air this season.

via [In which I review] New anime, Winter 2012 – Page 2.

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