Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X)

(13 episodes)

What’s it about ?

Romantic comedy (?) where the teenagers are really, really horny.


Akira, our protagonist. He’s a bit generic, with his most notable character trait being the very weird dreams he has. But then, it’s hard to stand out next to…

Mikoto, the mysterious new transfer student. I’ll grant her that : she’s weird in a way I’ve never seen before. She utterly refuses to socialize with the rest of the class and spends the breaks asleep at her desk. At one point she randomly erupts into wild laughter, to everyone else’s consternation. The only panty shot in the whole episode is to show she keeps a pair of scissors tugged in with the string.

The plot here is that Akira becomes addicted to her drool. Not because there’s anything special in it, ahah, that’d just be nonsense (OR IS IT ?), he’s just a horny teenager who’s fallen in love with her. Not that she minds, as a voice told her he would be the one she’s have her first sex with. (THAT’s why she suddenly erupted in laughter the other day.)

Production Values

Quite good. The dream sequences are especially nice to look at. The character designs are a bit retro, but Mikoto’s eye-obscuring bangs are a good design choice.

Special mention to the soundtrack, which together with the direction manages to permeate nearly every scene with a foreboding and creepily offbeat atmosphere. Even (and especially) when nothing bizarre is happening.

Overall Impression

Another well-directed “a boy and his creepy girlfriend” adaptation this season ? Okay, I’m not complaining, especially as this takes a completely different direction from Sankarea. The emphasis here is on how weird Mikoto is, especially as it’s impossible to tell whether she’s really just a normal girl who doesn’t fit in, or whether there’s something more at work here. There’s plenty to be paranoid about here… and Akira’s overactive imagination doesn’t help.

I have no clue whatsoever where this is going, but I’m hooked.

via [In which I review] New anime, Spring 2012 – Page 7.

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