What’s it about ?

Slice-of-life comedy about middle-school girls in the “Amusement Club”, who loiter around doing nothing in the Tea Club’s room (which they’ve hijacked after it got dissolved). Surprisingly light on yuri-related content, despite the title and the theme of the magazine publishing the original manga.


Akari, the butt of most of the jokes. It at first looks like she’d be the main character (including the “late-for-school, slice of bread in mouth” cliché scene), but she quickly fades into the background… to the point that the last half of the episode devoting itself to the girls trying to make her a more striking character.

Kyouko, the hyperactive idiot. She’s also the only of the main girls who’s actively a lesbian (although all her come-ons get brushed off quickly).

Yui, the straight man (er, girl) of the group. Not much to say about her.

Chinatsu, the newcomer who joined the Club by mistake (she wanted to join the Tea Club) and that Kyouko never let go (Chinatsu looks exactly like the Magical Girl character she’s a rabid fan of).

We get a glimpse of the (of course obstructive-looking) Student Council, as well as a disturbing glance inside Akari’s elder sister’s room (which includes a body pillow of Akari as well as a stalker-level number of pictures of her).

Production Values

The bare minimum of quality acceptable these days. It doesn’t help that we sometimes get random bumps of animation quality (and weird camera effects) in a way that feels inappropriate and distracting.

Overall Impression

Welcome to False Advertising Central ! The yuri content here is minimal, this is really a slice-of-life comedy with heavy meta overtones. And I’ve quite lost patience with the genre : this type of “we’re joking about how cliché we are” humour, especially brought awkwardly in halfway through the first episode, feels like creative bankruptcy. Hanging a lampshade over your flaws doesn’t excuse them, show.

Frankly, there’s nothing to recommend to this cross between A-Channel and Seitokai no Ichizon that manages to be worse than either. Avoid.

via [In which I review] New anime, Summer 2011 – Page 3.

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