What’s it about ?

The Academy of Inspiration, where teenage geniuses from every possible field are gathered to cultivate their talent. Also, smut.


Taketo, our protagonist. He’s the best at what he does, and what he does is… writing porn novels. Since middle school. No, really, that’s the plot. Obviously, all his female classmates tend to view him with disgust… which isn’t unwarranted, considering how whenever he looks at one of them, he starts imagining them in porn scenarios and writing it in his notebook (when he’s not dreaming aloud). From what we can see of it, his output is cliché-ridden purple prose that sounds more laughable than arousing.

Ritsu, genius mathematician, his best friend, aka the Gay Option. He’s very defensive of Taketo, despite the guy not deserving it at all.

Raika, genius photographer, seems to be the only girl who genuinely likes Taketo and his perversion. They’re both in the Newspaper Club, and as such are tasked with interviewing…

Fukune, genius clarinette player. You’d think she’d be perfect fodder Taketo’s writing, but he’s actually somehow unable to write anything smutty about her (although he can still write cliché-ridden magical girl stories about her). Of course, his attempts at getting close to her are a complete disaster, given his (well-deserved) reputation.

The campus is filled with geniuses in every possible field. We’ve got a genius inventor (whose rockets coincidentally always seem to target Taketo…), a genius idol singer… and even a genius narrator who delivers a complete summary of Taketo’s life story. Which is admittedly the one genuinely funny joke in the whole episode.

Production Values

Average, and of course with tons of fanservice. We get to see a good number of Taketo’s fantasies, and it’s no wonder some of them are heavily censored.

Overall Impression

Dear gods, that was painful. Setting aside the repulsive premise and the bland characters, it commits the worst sin possible for a comedy : it’s not funny in the slightest.

I’d say this was easily the worst show in the season (yes, worse than pedo-bait Ro-Kyu-Bu), but there’s still three to go and at least one of them looks like a strong contender. But it’s certainly down there with the worst things I’ve ever watched.

via [In which I review] New anime, Summer 2011 – Page 7.

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