Fireball Charming

(13 2-minute episodes)

What’s it about ?

In a far-flung future, war rages between humans and robots… and the robot princess has nonsensical conversations with her butler.


Drossel von Flügel, the robot princess. Prone to random flights of fancies, and completely out of touch with the real world.

Gedächtnis, her construction-mecha-looking butler. Desperately trying to put his mistress back on track, although he’s not above deadpan snarking. Her father left him books of notes for her education… but it doesn’t really help.

Production Values

Full CG graphics, and it’s very gorgeous indeed.

Produced by Disney Channel Japan. No, really.

Overall Impression

I normally don’t cover sequels in depth, but this one deserves the exposure. A previous season of this (simply called Fireball) was broadcast in 2008, and this is basically more of the same. You don’t need to watch the first series to get this, though (although you should, it’s only 26 minutes of your time).

The setup is only an excuse to have quick-going barely coherent conversations between the two leads, combining puns and dry wit at a frenetic pace. It’s just plain hilarious, hitting punchlines one after the other like clockwork.

This first episode of the second series looks like it’s actually going to advance the plot a bit, but that doesn’t really matter (the first season had no continuity whatsoever, with the two leads changing looks for each episode just because).

via [In which I review] New anime, Spring 2011 – Page 4.

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