Anime from 2000 : The Final Tally

So, that’s it. 35 shows reviewed (+ 11 I couldn’t find and 6 sequels). How does the tally go ?

Must Watches (4)
Those were so promising I’m going to watch them asap :
– Niea_7
– Strange Dawn
– Vandread
(Boogiepop Phantom would be here too.)

Good Enough For Me (10)
I’ll catch up on these decent shows down the line :
– Miami Guns
– Saiyuki
– Sakura Wars
– Boys Be…
– Love Hina
– Sci-Fi Harry
– Android Kikaider
– Ghost Stories
– maybe Argento Soma
(Tsukikaze Ran would probably be here too.)

Not My Thing (12)
There’s nothing really wrong with these shows, but either I’m not the target audience, I don’t care for their subgenre, they’re too long for me to invest time in, or they just didn’t do anything for me :
– UFO Baby
– Gate Keepers
– Kaitō Kiramekiman
– Hamtaro
– Brigadoon
– Descendants of Darkness
– Hajime no Ippo
– Gravitation
– Gear Fighter Dendoh
– Legendary Gambler Tetsuya
– Inuyasha
– Hiwou War Chronicles

That Was Just Bad (9)
Those shows had way too many problems :
– Candidate for Goddess
– Shinzo
– Hero Hero-kun
– Platinumhugen Ordian
– Transformers: Robots in Disguise
– Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
– Ceres, Celestial Legend (with hindsight)
– Hand Maid May
– Tri-Zenon

Frankly, that’s not bad at all, overall. I got twelve-ish new shows on my plate, which I appreciate. Aside from that, I got to have a taste of more than a few series I vaguely knew about (Hajime no Ippo, Gravitation, Hamtaro…) and can now have a slightly more informed opinion of. And heck, there are quite a few shows I’m glad I was exposed to, even if they weren’t my thing.

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