#38 : Gravitation

(13 episodes)

What’s it about ?

Adaptation of a yaoi manga series.


Shuichi, our protagonist, is the “leader” of struggling rock group “Bad Luck”. Like, it’d be a good thing if he could finally write a damn song that’s not crap so that they can finally debut. He’s your archetypal “uke” : short, a bit effeminate, whiny… the one who takes the “female” role in how yaoi writers imagine gay relationships are.

Eiri, a guy he randomly meets in the street, and who takes a few seconds to give some feedback on the song he’s trying to write (“yup, it’s crap, you should just quit”). As it turns out, he’s a semi-famous novelist. And of course an archetypal “seme” : tall, controlling, and a bit of an asshole.

The plot kicks off when Eiri uses Shuichi to break off with his former girlfriend. So it’s off to a great start, and I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful love story…

Production Values

For some reason, many early shots (as Shuichi arrives late to a meeting with his bandmates and their producer) are made with heavily filtered live-action footage. I’m not really sure why, especially as it gradually fades away without much rhyme or reason… It certainly contributes to the cheap-lookingness of the show, though.

Overall Impression

Ah, yaoi. A genre I have very little interest in, and it takes a lot of skill to make me watch it. Downplaying the abusiveness of its relationship would help, but this clearly isn’t the plan here. So I’m left with characters I care little for, engaged in a plotline I’m more dreading than anything else. That’s not really what I call a good time.

I’m not part of the audience here. And I get the impression this series is more known for popularizing its genre’s clich├ęs than for actually doing anything noteworthy with them.

Source: [In Which I Review] Anime series from 2000 – Page 11

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