#33 : Hand Maid May

(10 episodes + 1 special)

What’s it about ?

Wait, we didn’t get a “Magical Girlfriend” series yet ? Only “Magical Baby” & “Magical Roommate” ? This is an oversight that MUST be fixed post-haste, whatever the cost.


Kazuya, our nerdy protagonist, is a college student with a heavy interest in electronics. To the point of spending most of his nights tinkering (and sleeping during classes).

Kasumi, his childhood friend and the assistant landlady of his apartment complex. She keeps checking on him way more than strictly necessary, often entering through the window. I doubt the way she’s completely immodest in his presence is entirely innocent.

Nambara, his “rival” (Kazuya couldn’t care less), who keeps trying to upstage him and/or cause him harm. He’s a moron, but with enough money to be a nuisance ; and apparently in 2000 the old “virus on a disc” trick still worked.

Bizarrely Nambara’s virus might have actually connected to a “real” website, as Kazuya nearly immediately receives a package. (And if you believe that was a real delivery woman, I have a bridge to sell you.) Inside : the titular May, a small android maid. Somehow Kazuya isn’t bothered by not having passed any order, and just takes her in stride.

Production Values

Hello, fanservice ! Kasumi all but throws herself at Kazuya, and the camera loves to perv on her. As well as on May, of course.

… Although, really, it’s a bit more tasteful and restrained than I expected at first. They didn’t even clarify whether Kazuya jury-rigged the recharging USB cable into the front or the back slot.

Overall Impression

Sigh. There are a few decent jokes in here, but most of it felt stale or downright nonsensical. (Nambara’s antics were especially painful.) And despite it being the whole premise, relatively little is made out of May yet. The show just doesn’t manage to sell her as the catalyst for any semi-interesting stories, and that’s a problem. It’s almost like the show is too shy or embarrassed by its premise, and that just won’t fly for an ecchi series. Especially when the main cast is so forgettable.

I have no interest in watching any more of this.

Source: [In Which I Review] Anime series from 2000 – Page 9

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