12 Days #7 : Looking Back at the Year 2000

Wow, a project I actually finished this year, in a mostly timely fashion !

Up until now, I hadn’t watched much of the anime that came out in the Year 2000, especially compared to the years surrounding it. Admittedly, this is partly because the number of shows produced was abnormally low then, but still. Just Boogiepop Phantom & Tsukikage Ran ? When heavyweights like Love Hina were in there ? This is a year that deserved being checked out (and the low volume made it slightly easier).

So, last Winter, every day I tried out an anime series that came out in 2000. Okay, with a two-month hiatus and a few other delays in there, but I got it done. I’ve finally archived my thoughts on this blog, by the way. And sure, there was a lot I didn’t care for or that was just crap, but I did find a lot to like in there. For better or for worse, this provided a big chunk of the series I decided to marathon through this year : Miami Guns, Boys Be, Niea_7, Strange Dawn, Love Hina, Vandread, Sakura Wars, Ghost Stories, Sci-Fi Harry right now… There’s a couple still on my radar (Android Kikaider, Saiyuki, maybe Argento Soma), but they can wait.

It’s not a single moment, but this project was a lot of fun throughout ; from the planning stages, the watching, the writing up, the following up on the shows that had caught up my eye… If there’s one thing I will remember 2015 in anime for from my point of view, it’s most probably this.

And because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m probably going to have another go at it. The year 2005 feels very promising (with both a number of noteworthy shows, and a very low ratio of me having actually watched anything from then), I merely need to find some time to put aside to do it…

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