12 Days #12 : ???

Oh, dear.

When I planned out this series of post, I quickly mapped out 11 things I wanted to talk about in them. I was missing one, but surely something would come up by then ? Maybe either a movie/special/OVA I had on the backburner, or one of the last gasps of the Fall season ?

Haha, nope. I got nothing. And I’m running out of time. I guess I could have recycled my annual “Top 10 anime of the year” post, but that would be cheating. (It’ll go up tomorrow, instead.)

So, I’ll just conclude this series by saying that it’s been a lot of fun, the year had many cool anime in it, and I hope next year brings in at least at much.

Happy holidays !

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I've been kinda blogging about anime for years... but mostly on forums (such as RPG.net's Tangency) and other sites. This site is an archive for all that stuff, just in case.

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